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Our Purpose

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) supports the mission of Fullerton College by providing accurate, comprehensive, reliable and timely information to support the planning and accountability processes of the college.  The OIRP engages in a range of activities involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of information describing Fullerton College, including students and staff, programs, and management and operations and assists institutional leaders through informing their planning and decision reaching.

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning:

  • Assists the president, senior administrators, management, educational committees and faculty and staff in their planning and assessment activities.
  • Serves as a primary contact with state and federal agencies with respect to information reporting.
  • Responds to internal and external information requests.
  • Produces educational and organizational studies and reports.
  • Develops and maintains a cycle of regular Fullerton College studies, reports and databases to support recurring decision needs of the college.
  • Serves as a reliable source for comprehensive and authoritative information about Fullerton College.
  • Oversees Fullerton College responses to national, state and local statistical surveys, questionnaires and other requests for data or information.
  • Serves as a resource for techniques of institutional research, research methodologies and the design and execution of information systems.

The Office of Institutional Research web site has been designed to provide access to data and information for Fullerton College faculty, staff and administrators. In the toolbar to your right, you will find links to Office of Institutional Research reports, including the Fullerton College Fact Book, internal and external data sources, and additional sites that provide information relevant to Fullerton College.

The Office of Institutional Research staff are available as a general resource for assistance with survey design, database design, data analysis, student learning outcomes assessment and special studies on the implementation and outcomes of programs and services.

OIRP is currently in the process of enhancing these webpages. As such, you may encounter broken links or missing information. If you require assistance please contact the office at